It all started out with a little poetical street improvisation in 2004 with which we won the Prize of Young and New Talent at the Street-theatre Festival Gevleugelde Stad in Ieper (B) and the Prize of Hope at the Festival Straatspiegels in Berchem (B), both in 2005. From that first spark grew the performance “Kruimels” (meaning: Crumbs) within the project “The little roofless bigtop” which we toured in 2007 around Flanders, France and Italy.

Many beautiful encounters grew from there on, which resulted in very meaningful collaborations. After meeting director Sven Ronsijn, we created “Dwarrel” (Flutterby) and Titoune joined us in the creation of “Da/Fort”.


Compagnie Circ’ombelico
presents “Da/Fort”

This is my private little place.
We all need a room to ourselves, don't we?
My little place has got the size of a shoebox
and still, I am not the only one in there.
There's three of us.

I feel watched while I watch the others.
There's plenty of doors and little hatches, but very little space.
So I make a smaller place to have more space to myself.

I always find myself between two doors but I can never guess which one is the exit and which one is the entrance. It just depends on what
happens on the other side of the door.

Together with the other two I organize the ultimate vanishing trick to...
my private little place.

“Da/Fort” is a curious, mobile and site-specific circus project. Cie
Circ'ombelico invites you into a very intense, physical and wordless
encounter in the belly of their oldtimer truck, where partner acrobatics
plays the lead role.
Inspired by the lack of space, this story is a tribute to the beauty of
dullness of everyday life.

concept & performance: Jef Naets & Iris Carta
direction: Titoune
music: Jochem Baelus
technics: Erwan Scoizec

Production: Compagnie Circ’ombelico
Centre Culturel Agora;
Scène Conventionnée de Boulazac (Fr),
Humorologie (B),
Vlaams Centrum Voor Circuskunsten (B),
Le Carré Magique;
Scène Conventionnée de Lannion-Trégor (Fr),
Krokusfestival/CC Hasselt (B),
Theater op de Markt/Dommelhof (B)
and Les Tombées de la Nuit (Rennes-Fr)

Subsidised by:
the Flemish Government
With support from:
Villanella (B), SACD, Latitude 50° (B)
and Cirque Trottola (Fr)

DURATION: +/- 45 minutes
SUITABILITY: for all people starting from the age of 8
ADMISSION: +/- 46 people/performance (2 performances/day)

“Da/Fort” toured all over Europe between February 2010 and December 2013 and was performed more than 500 times.

(Booking agency: Frans Brood Productions)



Compagnie Circ’ombelico
presents “Dwarrel*” (*flutterby)

“This story takes place there, where the stars disappear out of your eyes.
She is tangled up in wilted princess’s dreams.
He is blinded by systems and radars.
Suddenly two coloured worlds of rust and azure blue collide.
Is there a new hint of sparkle...?”

Company Circ’ombelico presents “DWARREL”
- a dance and acrobatic filled theatre show.

“DWARREL” is a distorted fairy tale, filled with poetry and dry witticism, mischievous humour and a photographic visual language.

Let yourself be enchanted...

“Dwarrel” is based on the theatre and circus project “Crumbs” which Company Circ’ombelico presented in their ‘little circus tent without a roof’.

In both productions the circus techniques help to create the magic and the story.

Creation and realization: Jef Naets & Iris Carta
Final Direction: Sven Ronsijn
Costumes: Iris Carta
Music: Jochem Baelus
Set Design: Jef Naets, Iris Carta & Joppe Wouters
Picture: Tom Van Nuffel

Age: 2,5 – 5 years old (Pre School)

Maximum 100 spectators (family shows: 130 spectators)

Duration time: 45 minutes

“Dwarrel” toured from November 2008 until March 2011 all over the culturel centers of Flanders and was sold out more than 150 times.
( Booking agency: Bis Produkties)